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Let me assist you in finding everything you need to know about buying or selling a home! As the preeminent real estate professional in my community, I am dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. Because the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging every day, you need a professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. I go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. That’s why I constantly research the home, market and estate values so your home is priced effectively from day one. I also make sure the public knows your home is for sale by using innovative marketing techniques to attract potential buyers. As an Internet-savvy real estate representative in Connecticut, I’ve had the opportunity to help many home buyers find their ideal homes and many sellers obtain top dollar for their homes. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions that most people ever undertake, so I will help you through every step of the process. My goal is to make your home selling or buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. My services include: Explaining the home selling and buying process thoroughly Diligently selecting homes that meets your criteria Pricing your home correctly and implementing a unique yet proven marketing plan Negotiating on your behalf Tracking the closing process to ensure a smooth transaction I welcome the opportunity to address any questions you might have about buying, selling or current market conditions. Please call or e-mail me any time, and I will be happy to discuss your next steps in the buying or selling process. I specialize in both Residential and Commercial Properties. I also head a Real Estate Group to provide you with expert service and support. Areas of Expertise Making transitions in your life is challenging. You may be moving from out of town, a different state, internationally or just next door! Regardless of the distance I am prepared to respond to your unique needs.If you are a BUYER looking to downsize, up-size, want a new construction, desire a condominium, to invest, even if this is your first home, I will design a unique plan to fulfill your needs in a reasonable time frame, with the best negotiated price and the least amount of inconvenience.For my Home Sellers, I have an innovative marketing plan that will leave nothing to chance. Just call, and I would be happy to share the DIFFERENT and SUCCESSFUL TOOLS I utilize on each of my listings. I have lived in Connecticut for over 35 years. I practice Real Estate in Fairfield County, New Haven County and Litchfield County. This includes, but is not limited to Bethel, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Danbury, Harwinton, Kent, Litchfield, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Oxford, Ridgefield, Redding, Roxbury, Sherman, Southbury, Warren, Washington, Westport and Wilton.

15 Reasons Why Living in Candlewood Lake Is Like a Dream Come True

When you’re looking for peace, serenity, off-the-grid time, and beautiful waterfront homes in CT, you’re probably thinking of Candlewood Lake.

Where is Candlewood Lake

As Connecticut’s largest lake, Candlewood Lake is flocked by locals and visitors alike. This favorite waterfront retreat beckons to everyone, from city-dwellers seeking for a countryside haven, to outdoor lovers in the quest for fun and excitement.

Did I mention Candlewood Lake also has an incredible history? As one of the largest man-made lake in the US, it spans Fairfield and Litchfield counties and is surrounded by Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford, and Sherman.

The place around the lake is filled with homes, many of which used to be get-away homes, but have now turned to be year-round residences. If you’re in the market for a CT waterfront home for sale, Candlewood Lake could be the place you are looking for.

Why live in Candlewood Lake

Here are 15 reasons why living in Candlewood Lake is like a dream come true.

1. It offers year-round fun!

Connecticut Waterfront Home

No matter what the seasons is, you’ll always find something fun to do in Candlewood Lake. During the hot summer months, it is perfect for all your favorite water sports from swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, and more.

In spring and fall, go boating and fishing. It doesn’t have to be about the water at all. You can go on long hikes in Bear Mountain Reservation, around 20 minutes away from Candlewood Lake.

In the winter, go ice skating, snowmobiling, or ice fishing.

2. It has stunning scenic views.

Waterfront views are always spectacular and Candlewood Lake does not disappoint. It has many Instagram and Pinterest-worthy views.

The sunsets are truly breathtaking. The tranquil blue waters with different boats is reminiscent of one the islands of Greece.

You can even take photos of the bottom of the lake. The water is so clear and has a visibility of 8-11 foot in the summer.

3. The fall foliage is spectacular.

You don’t want to miss the gorgeous colors of fall, when the leaves turn orange and gold.

4. There are so many things you can do.

You won’t run out of things to do in Candlewood Lake. If you love the waters, there’s plenty of water sports to engage in, and you can do them in any season. If you enjoy biking, there is a 64.08 km Candlewood Lake Loop with a total elevation of 277.9 meters.

Waterfront Homes Connecticut

5. It is peaceful and serene.

When you want to take a break from all the city noise, escape to Candlewood Lake where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of being in the countryside.

6. It is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

Whether you are looking for a nice hike, or simply love being outdoors, you’ll love Pootatuck State Forest and Bear Mountain Reservation.

7. It delivers amazing waterfront living.

Many people love the idea of living near the waters. There is something about the waters that relaxes the mind and soothes the soul.

Imagine living in a home where the backyard ends at the lake water’s edge or where all you need to get to the waters is to walk to the dock on your backyard, or where you can go fishing just by sitting on the dock. All these are yours to enjoy in when you live in Candlewood Lake.

8. It has gorgeous homes.

Being surrounded by five towns means there are plenty of communities you can look for the waterfront home of your dreams.

9. It is an ideal location for a home.

Candlewood Lake is conveniently located. People love its proximity to big cities, and there are secluded areas if you long for a quieter, more serene surrounding.

10. It has great neighborhoods.

Scattered on the banks of Candlewood Lake are premier communities that offer the best amenities to its residents. Some of these communities are Candlewood Acres, Candlewood Shores, Pleasant Acres, Shady Knolls, Cedar Heights, KnollCrest, and more.

11. It offers a perfect merge of convenience and comfort.

Living in Candlewood Lake means enjoying the peace and serenity of the country while ensuring your best comforts and convenience.

12. It has 12 islands.

Love exploring? Candlewood Lake has 12 islands for you to enjoy.

13. It is home to many beaches

Got plenty of time? Visit one beach every day! Candlewood Lake has a long list of beaches for you to discover. Lynn Deming Park, Millstone Ridge, Candlewood Lake Club, Long Beach, and Penfield Beach are just some of the beaches this massive lake offers.

14. It’s like a year-long vacation

When you live in Candlewood Lake, you’ll feel like you’re always on vacation.

15. It is in Connecticut!

Home to the some of the world’s most prestigious campuses and picturesque views, you can’t help but fall in love with Connecticut.

Take endless sunset photos. Go boating everyday if you like. Live your life to the fullest when you own a home in Candlewood Lake, one of Connecticut’s best-kept secrets.

Looking for a waterfront home in Candlewood Lake? Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt at 203-994-4297. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for in a home.

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9 Ways to Make Your CT Waterfront Real Estate Irresistible to Buyers

Are you planning to sell your CT waterfront real estate this year? If you are, you’re probably already planning to get it ready to sell. Just like most of the properties for sale in the area.

When you are competing with many other waterfront homes for sale in CT, your regular effort to prepare will not be enough. You need to step up your game to make your home more stand out and be more appealing and irresistible to buyers.

What do buyers want?

Knowing what buyers want is important when you’re preparing to sell your waterfront real estate. Though waterfront homes by themselves are attractive for their location and views, these factors won’t be enough to convince a buyer your property is worth a second look.

What will make buyers fall in love with your home?

Here are nine ways you can turn your CT waterfront real estate to a house buyers will love.

  1. Get it “move-in ready”

A move-in ready home is a home in complete package, one that is already in great shape and does not require any structural renovation to make it livable. Most buyers prefer move-in ready homes because it means they can simply move-in the house and not worry about anything. The convenience and ease of purchasing of a move-in ready home are highly appealing, especially to busy people.

To make your home “move-in ready”, you need to take care of any structural and cosmetic issues before selling. This means replacing broken light bulbs and windows, sealing any cracks on the walls, fixing loose cabinets and doors, changing leaky pipes and faucets, etc.

Make your home feel and look new by repainting it inside and out. Installing new light fixtures is another great way of creating a ‘turnkey’ home.

  1. Don’t forget the curb appeal.

First impression lasts. Your home’s exterior is the first thing a buyer sees, so make sure to give your curb appeal a boost. Painting is of the cheapest and simplest things you can do to give your home a visual lift.

CT Waterfront Real Estate Properties

Cleaning and trimming the yard and bushes also help. Add a splash of color by placing some potted plants on your front porch.

  1. Make the front door pop

When you want to draw the eyes of the buyer to the house, give the front door some love. If your front door is looking tired and weary, perhaps it is time to say goodbye and install a new one. If your front door is still in excellent condition, a nice coat of paint on it and around its trim will do the trick. Make sure to use the right color that will complement your exterior paint.

  1. Add visual space

Buyers love spacious homes. Decluttering opens up space and lets in light into your home. It makes your home look bigger without physically adding any feet to it.

Clutter can make your home appear darker and smaller, and these are major no-no’s when selling a home. Get rid of anything broken. Donate items you haven’t used in years.

Pack 30% of your belongings and put them in storage. This will help clear the home and create additional space.

  1. Update the kitchen

Many home buyers prefer updated appliances in the kitchen. Waterfront homes in CT are often used for entertainment and vacation, so if you are in a position to replace one or more of your none stainless steel appliances with a stainless steel one, buyers will want your home (or at least your kitchen).

Waterfront Real Estate in CT

  1. Clean it

Don’t settle for regular cleaning, deep cleaning will make your home look neat and smelling great. If you have no time to clean the house, hire professional cleaners. They’ll make your home look and feel clean.

  1. Make sure you have a clear view.

Waterfront homes have the advantages of being right where the view is. Maximize this feature and ensure you get a great view of the waters in most places of the home. Make sure that you have the right window treatment that frames the view so you can enjoy it whether you are inside or outside.

  1. Stage it

A staged home sells faster than an unstaged home. This is typical because staged homes help buyers get a feel of the lifestyle they will enjoy in the house.

Staging makes it easy for the buyers to imagine the possibilities of each area of the home.

  1. Price it right.

One of the most important things you can do to make your CT waterfront real estate irresistible is to price it right. When a home is in a great location, offers amazing features and amenities, and is priced just right, buyers recognize the good deal and will easily take your property off your hands.

Need help in selling your CT waterfront property?

If you’re planning to sell your waterfront real estate in CT and would like to know more about the selling process, call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. Let’s discuss how we can get your home to look its best to sell fast and for its best price.

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CT Waterfront Home Values: When is the Best Time to Sell?

Increase your CT waterfront home value in different seasons

Different seasons influence many of our activities throughout the year. Summer evokes visions of the beach and water activities, while winter brings memories of an open fireplace and a cozy atmosphere. Although certain activities are considered “seasonal,” could this be also true about your CT waterfront home value when selling?

When it comes to waterfront homes, each season definitely has its advantages. Increasing your property’s value is a matter of strategic staging to make it appealing regardless of the season you decide to put your home on the market. Here are a few things for you to consider:


Blooming flowers and picturesque views during this season can increase the number of interested buyers. The milder weather also encourages more activities outside and makes it a great time to have open houses. Make sure the gardens are at their best to welcome guests.


Waterfront homes are sought after during the warmer months because they offer respite from the heat. This is the best time to highlight activities and amenities that waterfront homes have to offer like picnics, boating, fishing, etc. Stage your property as the perfect getaway for summer which will increase its home value during this season.


With Connecticut’s brilliant fall foliage, this season brings plenty of visitors who want to experience this autumn beauty. Take advantage of the changing colors and beautiful scents and invite potential buyers to experience the relaxing atmosphere of a waterfront home away from the busy metro.

Waterfront Home Values Connecticut


Though the colder months are not as inviting, it is the season with the least amount of listings in the market which means less competition. Make sure to highlight features that present well during the winter like a fireplace, a spa bathroom, or an indoor-outdoor living which makes your property a place of relaxation even on the coldest winter days.

Knowing your CT waterfront home value

When it comes to selling, the value of your waterfront home is basically how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. Having an idea of how each season can influence your home value is important.

There is definitely no hard and fast rule as to what season is the best time for selling. The help of a Realtor® who specializes in waterfront homes, like me, will ensure that you get the right price for your property.

Are you ready to sell? Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt at (203) 994-4297.

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9 Reasons to Buy a Waterfront Home in Connecticut Today

Thinking of buying a lakefront property?

If you dream of buying a waterfront home in Connecticut, you’re not alone. Most Americans are homeowners. In fact, the National Multifamily Housing Council reports that more than 65% of people in the U.S. own their homes.

Being a homeowner is an American dream, and despite the financial and economic setbacks our country has faced in the past, many still value the stability and safety of owning a home.

Nine solid answers to the question “Why?”

Owning a home is not just about achieving a dream. If you want solid reasons why now is the best time to purchase a CT lakefront home, take a look at the following reasons below:

1. It is worth it!

Connecticut is a beautiful state with plenty of charming, coastal towns. It has plenty of gorgeous scenic views no matter what season, and there are so many things to explore and enjoy. It has 96 miles of coastline, giving you a lot of options where to choose your waterview home.

Just think of all the great memories you can create with your loved ones. If you buy a vacation property, you don’t have to worry about spending money on rent because you already have a property available. If you buy a primary home, you’ll enjoy the wonderful lifestyle Connecticut offers its residents all-year round.

2. The interest rates are still relatively low.

The current interest rate stands at 4.38%, and though this may be higher than the previous four years, it is still historically low. Studies predict that the interest rate will still climb higher next year, which will make paying the mortgage more challenging. If you decide to buy a house next year, you’ll have to plan for a higher housing expense.

CT Waterfront Home

3. House prices will continue to rise.

Home prices have increased in the last 12 months, and it will continue to inflate in the coming months and years. Waiting for the prices to drop or at least stabilize before buying could mean waiting for years and letting your money go to rent when you could be paying already for your own home.

4. A property is a great investment.

An investment is a thing or asset that you purchase with the idea that it will generate income in the future. How can a beachfront home in Connecticut be an investment?

If you buy a vacation home, you can rent it out on months that you will not be using it. It is a great way to pay for the mortgage. That way the property is generating income and the money you are paying the bank does not come from your own pocket.

What if you want to use the property as the primary home? You can lease out a portion of the house! This way, the house is generating income, and you are only paying a portion of the mortgage cost.

5. Make the most out of your money.

Whether you are renting or paying a mortgage, you are taking out money from your pocket and giving it to someone to cover the cost of living in a home. Why not pay for something that will be yours in the future?

Waterfront Homes in CT

6. Earn a real estate income while living in the same property.

Thanks to websites like Airbnb, it is now possible for homeowners to earn a passive income by renting out homes for a period of time.

Many people visit Connecticut beaches and lakes, so you’ll definitely have a source of income.

7. It is a form of forced saving.

Paying a mortgage for a home in Connecticut is forcing you to save for your future. It is helping you save some money for your retirement.

8. Buying a home gives a significant tax break.

When you become a homeowner, you can take advantage of the tax deduction on mortgage interest. If you itemize the deductions on your taxes, you can reduce your taxable income by deducting the interest on the home mortgage.

9. It diversifies your investment.

It is always a good idea to not put your eggs in one basket. If you enjoy investing, you can add real estate investment on top of your stocks and other business ventures.

Owning a Connecticut waterfront real estate property has so many advantages! Embrace your dream and prepare for your future by buying a coastal property in Connecticut today.

Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297 to discuss the kind of home you are looking for.

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HGTV’s Top Upgrades to Boost Your Waterfront Property Value

Considering a home sale

If you’re thinking of putting your Candlewood Lake home up for sale, renovating it can make a significant difference in its price.

But not all renovations boost sale price. Before you start buying supplies and contacting local contractors, step back and plan carefully. Some projects are more effective at increasing home value, while others are better left unadded.

Start by consulting your local real estate agent. He or she knows the best upgrades that can increase the price of your home for sale in Candlewood Lake CT.

Doing your due diligence and planning smartly can help you decide the best upgrades that will give a higher return on your investment.

Top upgrades to increase home equity

HGTV shares several renovations that will both pay off and boost your home’s value.

1. Update the bathroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the look of your bathroom. There are many simple upgrades you can do that will increase the comfort and style of your bathroom, as well as add equity to the home.

Here are some cost-effective updates for a minor bathroom remodel.

  • Replace the toilet seat and lid instead of replacing the whole toilet unit.
  • Updating the lighting fixtures to make the bathroom appear brighter.
  • Replace a bathroom faucet.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Recaulk around the bathtub.
  • Improve bathroom ventilation system.
  • Replace broken or cracked floor tiles.
  • Replace or install a new shower door.

2. Enhance the landscape. When you’re selling a home, the first impression is crucial. Buyers make up their mind in the first few seconds they’ve seen your home, so make the most of your home’s curb appeal.

Make sure that you have an attention-worthy landscape. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must have charm to create the impression that you take care of the house and your yard.

What are some things you can do to update your home’s landscape?

  • Add color with perennials or seasonal flowering shrubs.
  • Use one color and use plants with different heights to create dimension.
  • Make sure your pathway is clean of any overgrown grass.
  • A lush, beautiful lawn is inviting. Maintain your lawn by aerating, fertilizing, and weeding it.
  • Adding a focal point like a winding flagstone walkway or a fountain.

Connecticut Waterfront Home

Spending a little amount of money on your curb appeal will make the home look more appealing, which buyers will pay more for.

3. Give your kitchen a minor renovation. The kitchen is one of most well-used part of the home, especially if you are using your Connecticut lakefront home as the main home.

These upgrades will not only add equity, it will also make the kitchen a favorite spot in the house.

  • Adding recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting.
  • If you have a more expensive house, replace your countertop with a stone or glass countertop.
  • Cover your old vinyl floor with a floor leveler and install a second layer of vinyl floor. You’ll have great floors at a budget-friendly price.
  • Paint the cabinets.
  • Change drapes and window molding.
  • Replace the lights to make the kitchen brighter.
  • Replace any old appliances and switch to energy ones that will give your home buyer huge savings in the long run.

4. Exterior improvements. Did you know that vinyl siding replacement has a recoup rate of 95%, and a steel door replacement has an ROI of 91%?

Lakefront homes are beautiful, but they are also more exposed to harsh elements. The constant exposures easily damage the sidings, so check your sidings to see if it needs replacement.

Check out these other exterior improvements you can make.

  • Create an inviting outdoor space like a deck, patio, or porch.
  • If you have a pergola or planning to install one, use load-bearing columns like fiberglass composite columns.
  • Make the home look more modern by removing old awnings from doors and windows.

5. Renovate the basement. Increase your home footage by improving the basement. A finished basement is an additional living space and can be converted into a family room, an extra bedroom, a game room, or a home office.

6. Replace old windows. Showcasing your surroundings scenic beauty is important when you live in a waterfront home. Replacing your windows will help the views stand out even better. New windows also let natural light in much better, reducing the need to turn on electric lights which saves you from the additional cost.

Choose energy-efficient windows. These windows help seal the heat better, so you can enjoy the maximum use of your energy.

7. Upgrade your floors and walls. Painting your walls is the most cost-efficient way to upgrade and brighten up your living space.

If your carpet floors are already worn out, rip it up and check what’s underneath. You can also choose to replace your floor with hardwood, laminate or tile.

You can learn more updates here:

Renovations are not cheap, so plan your updates well. If your Candlewood Lake home is well-maintained and structurally sound, the updates will only mean a few cosmetic changes.

Learn the best renovations for your waterfront home. Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. Let’s discuss the best updates that will boost your home value.

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How to Quickly Attract Buyers to Your Waterfront Home

Save the best home selling tips

Are you planning to sell your waterfront home soon? If you’re a first-time seller, you may want to stock up on home selling tips and tricks that you can use to sell your property.

You may also want to lower your expectations on how soon the home will sell.

Though many people love waterfront homes and the idea of owning a waterfront property is something many have been toying with for years, not all will want to buy nor can afford to buy one.

Waterfront homes are considered “luxury homes” though many are in the affordable to moderate price range. That’s because lakefront homes are usually vacation homes, a place to escape during summer, or when you want to get away and take a break from all that’s going on in life.

To sell your lakefront home successfully, you have to step up your game. 

Simply sticking a “For Sale” sign on the yard and advertising on newspaper and magazines are not enough. In today’s very competitive real estate market, you need to have a solid understanding of how to market your beachfront home.

Here are the best tips that will help you sell your lakefront home soon and for the best price.

1. Price it right from the start. Your home’s listing price is vital. It is the determining factor of whether the house will sell or not. If you price it too high, your home will sit on the market until it most likely expires.

Homes that remain unsold for months give the wrong impression to buyers. They might think that something is wrong with the home. This stigma will make it more difficult to sell.

On the other hand, if you price it too low, you are leaving money on the table. As a seller, you would want to see your house value increase instead of decrease, and selling it at a super discounted price is saying you desperately wanted to get rid of the house.

The key to right pricing is finding the sweet spot based on your research of the  comparative market analysis and your understanding of the local market. This can be difficult if it is your first time to sell a property, so it would be to your advantage to hire a seasoned local real estate agent.

2. Get help from an experienced local real estate agent. Notice that I said experienced and local.

You need an agent who knows and specializes in selling waterfront homes. Though technically a real estate agent should be able to sell any property, selling is easier if you’re doing it for a specific niche, so there are agents for waterfront homes, luxury properties, single family homes, horse farms, etc.

Find an agent who is seasoned in selling waterfront homes because he or she knows how to market your home best. They know who they’ll sell to, they know the waterfront lifestyle, they know what buyers want.

Also, look for a local real estate agent. He or she is more familiar with the local market as well as the laws and special considerations.

3. Boost the curb appeal! If you’re selling a waterfront home, don’t just think about how the front yard looks. There’s so much more to look at in a waterfront property. You also have to consider the viewing area and the view.

What is the viewing area? Is it a deck or a patio?

Can you see the view directly or is it partially obstructed by heavy foliage?

What kind of view do you have? Are you looking at a beach, a lake, a river, or a pond?

Is the area surrounding the water clean?

These questions are just some of the things that will help you boost the curb appeal of your waterfront home. You have to remember that buyers are expecting a view, and that’s one you have to deliver. Maximizing the view by clearing out some of the overhanging branches and wildly grown shrubs to vastly improve the view.

Luxury Waterfront Homes for Sale in Connecticut - Enjoy stunning waterfront views everyday in Connecticut waterfront homes for sale.

4. Don’t forget to stage it!  When buyers step inside a waterfront home, they expect to see an extension of the waterfront lifestyle in your home.

That means there should be an outdoor living space like a deck or patio where you can enjoy the view.

That means there should ba a nautical theme or decor in the house.

That means there should be plenty of blues, greens and grays in the house decor because these colors reflect their outside setting.

That means doors and windows must be framed to showcase their views.

These are a few of the many things you can do when staging so your home becomes more inviting and relaxing – the two things waterfront homes are known for.

Make your home Instagram worthy! Your Realtor® will hire a professional photographer to take beautiful photos and videos of your home for marketing purposes. Your home should look impeccable and stunning in photos to easily catch a buyer’s attention.

Knowing what to do and preparing a plan makes home selling easier.

When you’re ready to sell your home, call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. I offer a free home valuation and you are under no obligation to list with me.  I’ll be waiting for your call!

57 Taagan Point Rd Danbury CT 06811-3838 | Upscale New Construction Waterfront Home for Sale

Enjoy lakeside living at its finest

How would you like to live on a private waterfront retreat on the shore of the largest lake in Connecticut?

Candlewood Lake New Construction Home for Sale

Enviably positioned on direct level waterfront on Candlewood Lake is a new construction that offers the best of privacy, comfort, and modern conveniences.

With 3,024 square feet of gorgeous living space, it features 3 ample-sized bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an open floor design, multiple sitting spaces, and stunning lakefront views, this home is perfect for entertaining and relaxing any time of any season.

Light and space grace every room of this new residence.

If you’ve been dreaming of a waterfront property where you can escape the city noise and enjoy a peaceful retreat with the best relaxation, this new construction waterfront home on Candlewood Lake is what you are looking for.

Perfect as either a main home or a vacation home, it delivers lakeside living at its finest. You may never want to leave!

Danbury – a premiere lifestyle in a scenic setting

Some places seem to have it all, and Danbury is one such place. Ranked as the seventh best city to live in every state by, it offers its residents an amazing lifestyle. It is the most livable city in Connecticut and one of the most livable in the US.

This newly constructed home is ideally positioned.

The local schools are all within a three-mile radius of this home, and Downtown Danbury is only 12 minutes away, close enough so you can easily drive there to meet friends or enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, but far enough to have the privacy that you need.

It is also only an hour drive away from Manhattan, you can easily drive to your business meetings and be back after a couple of hours to relax and go boating.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, there are many things to do in this city. This property ends right on the waters of Candlewood Lake so you can go swimming, water skiing, fishing, and enjoy all your other favorite watersports anytime.  

If you love music and art, there are plenty of museums and cultural centers in the area, so you can easily visit anytime.

Beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces

This upscale lakefront home on Candlewood Lake appears as a two-level Contemporary Colonial style home when viewed from the street.

When you look at it from the lake, you will see three levels making its way down the gently sloping land.

Upscale New Construction Home with Direct Level Waterfront on Candlewood Lake for Sale

The front door opens to a gorgeous kitchen which boasts of white oak hardwood floor, sleek white soft close Wolf cabinets, marble counters, and a generous-sized pantry. This kitchen comes with an electric cooktop, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

Direct Lakefront New Construction Home for Sale

To the left side of the kitchen is an amply-spaced dining area that can comfortably fit a six-person dining table and chairs. Large windows let the plenty of natural light and let you enjoy the view of the front yard.

Whether you are entertaining a crowd or preparing a simple meal for your loved ones, this kitchen is ready for you!

The kitchen flows into a spacious great room which boasts of neutral-toned walls, recessed lighting, a wooden staircase leading to the upper level, and a brick surround gas fireplace to keep you warm.

Warm and inviting with its polished hardwood floor, this room is the perfect spot to welcome friends and visitors into the house. It also offers multiple sitting possibilities for outdoor views or around the fireplace.

You’ll also love the indoor to outdoor flow this living room offers. A large wall of glass looks out on the first-floor deck and on to the water view beyond.

Furnish this living space with a sectional sofa, a coffee table, and some wall decor and you have a great room for relaxation.

Step out of the living room and onto a fabulous large deck that offers a fantastic view of the backyard and the lake.

Fabulous sunsets are yours to enjoy every day on this deck. This is also the best spot for barbecue parties and alfresco meals.

Set it up with some cool outdoor chairs and table and you have the perfect setup for relaxing and enjoyment.

Sleep your worries away in this home’s well-appointed bedrooms.

All three bedrooms of this beautiful new construction waterfront home on Candlewood Lake are located on the upper level and offer amazing views.

The master suite is luxurious and spacious. It features white oak hardwood floors, large windows, a walk-in closet so you can have all the space that you need, and an exquisite master bathroom.

It also has a private balcony which presents you with a breathtaking view of the waters, you’ll feel like you’re on the water’s edge. It delivers the serenity and heightened connection to nature that you seek.

The master bathroom is gorgeous and can easily rival a luxury bathroom. With its beautiful tile floor and walls, double sinks, a free standing tub, and a curved shower, enjoy pampering yourself each night if you choose.

The two other bedrooms have French doors that open to a front balcony.

More living spaces on the lower level

This lakefront home has so much to offer.

If you need more space, head to the lower level and you’ll find an enormous L-shaped great room with two large sliders. You can turn this space into a family room, an entertainment room, a home gym or anything that you wish. There’s also a full bath available on this floor for convenience.

Outside the sliders is a cement patio, perfect for a hot tub.

This patio offers an amazing view of the beauty of nature around you.

Beyond it is a fabulous backyard that ends right on the waters of Candlewood Lake. It is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the peace and serenity this home brings.

Truly, this is a home that caters to all your needs, wants and more. It has an energy efficient propane HVAC. It also has its own dock, so bring your boat and enjoy the easy access to the lake.

Upscale New Construction Waterfront Home on Candlewood Lake for Sale

Go boating anytime you want.

Experience the luxurious, serene lifestyle you deserve in this direct waterfront Candlewood Lake new construction.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make this exclusive residence yours. This Candlewood Lake direct waterfront property is priced to sell at $1,300,000.

Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. Let my skills and experience work to find the best Connecticut waterfront property for you.

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