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15 Reasons Why Living in Candlewood Lake Is Like a Dream Come True

When you’re looking for peace, serenity, off-the-grid time, and beautiful waterfront homes in CT, you’re probably thinking of Candlewood Lake.

Where is Candlewood Lake

As Connecticut’s largest lake, Candlewood Lake is flocked by locals and visitors alike. This favorite waterfront retreat beckons to everyone, from city-dwellers seeking for a countryside haven, to outdoor lovers in the quest for fun and excitement.

Did I mention Candlewood Lake also has an incredible history? As one of the largest man-made lake in the US, it spans Fairfield and Litchfield counties and is surrounded by Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford, and Sherman.

The place around the lake is filled with homes, many of which used to be get-away homes, but have now turned to be year-round residences. If you’re in the market for a CT waterfront home for sale, Candlewood Lake could be the place you are looking for.

Why live in Candlewood Lake

Here are 15 reasons why living in Candlewood Lake is like a dream come true.

1. It offers year-round fun!

Connecticut Waterfront Home

No matter what the seasons is, you’ll always find something fun to do in Candlewood Lake. During the hot summer months, it is perfect for all your favorite water sports from swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, and more.

In spring and fall, go boating and fishing. It doesn’t have to be about the water at all. You can go on long hikes in Bear Mountain Reservation, around 20 minutes away from Candlewood Lake.

In the winter, go ice skating, snowmobiling, or ice fishing.

2. It has stunning scenic views.

Waterfront views are always spectacular and Candlewood Lake does not disappoint. It has many Instagram and Pinterest-worthy views.

The sunsets are truly breathtaking. The tranquil blue waters with different boats is reminiscent of one the islands of Greece.

You can even take photos of the bottom of the lake. The water is so clear and has a visibility of 8-11 foot in the summer.

3. The fall foliage is spectacular.

You don’t want to miss the gorgeous colors of fall, when the leaves turn orange and gold.

4. There are so many things you can do.

You won’t run out of things to do in Candlewood Lake. If you love the waters, there’s plenty of water sports to engage in, and you can do them in any season. If you enjoy biking, there is a 64.08 km Candlewood Lake Loop with a total elevation of 277.9 meters.

Waterfront Homes Connecticut

5. It is peaceful and serene.

When you want to take a break from all the city noise, escape to Candlewood Lake where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of being in the countryside.

6. It is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

Whether you are looking for a nice hike, or simply love being outdoors, you’ll love Pootatuck State Forest and Bear Mountain Reservation.

7. It delivers amazing waterfront living.

Many people love the idea of living near the waters. There is something about the waters that relaxes the mind and soothes the soul.

Imagine living in a home where the backyard ends at the lake water’s edge or where all you need to get to the waters is to walk to the dock on your backyard, or where you can go fishing just by sitting on the dock. All these are yours to enjoy in when you live in Candlewood Lake.

8. It has gorgeous homes.

Being surrounded by five towns means there are plenty of communities you can look for the waterfront home of your dreams.

9. It is an ideal location for a home.

Candlewood Lake is conveniently located. People love its proximity to big cities, and there are secluded areas if you long for a quieter, more serene surrounding.

10. It has great neighborhoods.

Scattered on the banks of Candlewood Lake are premier communities that offer the best amenities to its residents. Some of these communities are Candlewood Acres, Candlewood Shores, Pleasant Acres, Shady Knolls, Cedar Heights, KnollCrest, and more.

11. It offers a perfect merge of convenience and comfort.

Living in Candlewood Lake means enjoying the peace and serenity of the country while ensuring your best comforts and convenience.

12. It has 12 islands.

Love exploring? Candlewood Lake has 12 islands for you to enjoy.

13. It is home to many beaches

Got plenty of time? Visit one beach every day! Candlewood Lake has a long list of beaches for you to discover. Lynn Deming Park, Millstone Ridge, Candlewood Lake Club, Long Beach, and Penfield Beach are just some of the beaches this massive lake offers.

14. It’s like a year-long vacation

When you live in Candlewood Lake, you’ll feel like you’re always on vacation.

15. It is in Connecticut!

Home to the some of the world’s most prestigious campuses and picturesque views, you can’t help but fall in love with Connecticut.

Take endless sunset photos. Go boating everyday if you like. Live your life to the fullest when you own a home in Candlewood Lake, one of Connecticut’s best-kept secrets.

Looking for a waterfront home in Candlewood Lake? Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt at 203-994-4297. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for in a home.

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CT Waterfront Homes for Sale

Is this your first time selling a home?

Trust me, I know how anxious you must be feeling right now. Don’t fret! That’s how it is for everybody.

Good news is you can get help in an instant. The internet is filled with tips and tricks as well as handy guides to navigate you through the process. Family and friends who have gone through this before are also valuable resources at a time like this.

Whether this is your first time or tenth time selling a home, nothing beats having the assistance of a trained professional.

I know what it takes to sell a home fast and for its best price. Keep reading to see what a top Realtor® like myself can do to sell your waterfront home in CT!

Preparing for the Sale

The moment you decide to sell your home is the day you begin the depersonalizing process. Throw or donate everything you don’t need, and begin packing the things you won’t need anytime soon, like seasonal clothing.

I want to help you make your home look presentable and appealing to future buyers. I will advise you on any repairs you should consider. Staging your home is crucial if you want to sell it fast.

Next, we have to market the house on every platform available. Most buyers head over to the internet as their first resource, so we have to use social media, blog posts, and other multi-media tools to get the word out.

With my expansive network and years of experience, I know the real estate market of Western CT like the back of my hand. Selling your luxury home in CT would be an absolute pleasure!

CT Luxury Waterfront Homes for Sale

Getting Offers

When done right, you can expect offers for your home within a week or so. With me as your representative, you will have a professional negotiator on your side whose only concern is your best interests.

Successful negotiation depends on one’s bargaining power. We can increase ours by getting as many offers possible, setting realistic deadlines, and of course, marketing the home in its best light to bring out its best qualities.

Handling all the necessary paperwork can be confusing, even for somebody with prior experience selling a home. Leave this to me. Count on me to get it done correctly and efficiently for you.

Closing the Sale

Once we find an offer you like, all that’s left to do is close the sale. This involves a lot of technicalities. The most notable of which is the actual turnover where the keys are transferred to the next homeowner.

My goal for each of my clients is to sell for the best price, fastest time, and least inconvenience.

I want to create results for you.

Whenever you’re ready, keep in mind that professional help is only a phone call away. My name is Debbie Laemmerhirt, and you can reach me at 203-994-4297 to schedule an appointment with me.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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